Which loan is best for first-time home buyers?

This depends on a few different factors, including your credit history, down payment amount, and other financial qualifications. Your best bet is to get in touch with a loan officer to go over your options together.

How can I get a mortgage for a second home?

If you’re looking to purchase a second home, you can finance the transaction with a conventional loan. It’s helpful to have a conversation about your down payment amount and interest rate, so reach out to us to learn more.

Can I get a mortgage with 5% down?

Yes, you can! Based on your financial and credit history, you will have a variety of options with a 5% down payment. Your loan expert can help you decide which home financing program will work best for you.

How long does it take to be approved for a mortgage?

It will depend on your situation, but your initial approval can occur the same day you speak to a loan officer. Typically, the underwriting process will take a few weeks, which is when you’ll receive your final approval.